Sr. No.FragranceProductPrice (USD/KG)
1RoseCream55 $/kg
2Orange Peel BlendCream500 $/kg
3Boro FragranceCream188 $/kg
4Lemon FlowerShampoo & Cream33 $/kg
5Neem TulsiShampoo75 $/kg
6V. SHP2Shampoo15 $/kg
7Lavender SPBToilet Soap30 $/kg
8Citro FreshToilet Soap58 $/kg
9Lux Type-DToilet Soap26 $/kg
10CologneHand wash/ Dish wash48 $/kg
11LimeDetergents10 $/kg
12Sun Flower Super- BDetergent cake15 $/kg
13HinaHair Dye42 $/kg
14Coconut FragranceHair Oil17 $/kg

Supply Order will be accepted on written request/ E-mail of the party with clear postal address, telephone/ mobile information.
For small orders, (Less than container load) Supply will be made to party after prepaid payment.
For full container load, payment terms irrevocable & confirmed LC is acceptable.
For bulk orders, Minimum time for dispatch is 20-25 days/or up to availability of raw materials in store. Small orders will be dispatched within 3-7 working days after order is confirmed.
Freight and packaging charge will be extra as actual and / or material could also be sent on freight to pay basis.
Amount can also be credited online on following details and copy of the bank receipt may be forwarded by E-mail getting receipt of your credit.