Food Flavors

Sr. No.FlavourProductPrice (USD/KG)
1Almond splAny food product7 $/kg
2Apple 19Any food product11 $/kg
3Banana 19Custard9 $/kg
4Banana 37Custard / Pharma11 $/kg
5Butterscotch 29A28Ice Cream10 $/kg
6Cardamom 17A37Any food product21 $/kg
7Cardamom 17/4Any food product175 $/kg
8Cardamom 17/6Any food product360 $/kg
9Cardamom aqAny food product10 $/kg
10Cardamom PgAny food product14 $/kg
11Chocolate SplAny food product19 $/kg
12Chocolate Spl 50Any food product13 $/kg
13Coconut 2128Any food product9 $/kg
14Coconut 21/3Confectionery8 $/kg
15Coconut 21/5Bakery8 $/kg
16Jaljeera 37Jeerapani31 $/kg
17Keora WKeora Water25 $/kg
18Keora Ft 37Any food product25 $/kg
19Keora 2080Any food product9 $/kg
20Khus 08Sharbat20 $/kg
21Khus – S 08Sharbat37 $/kg
22Lemon ft 04Confectionery21 $/kg
23Lemon 08Sherbet37 $/kg
24Masala Hot 98Spicy Foods125 $/kg
25Meat Masala 04Meat prt.150 $/kg
26Mint ft 04Pharma/ Conf.19 $/kg
27Mint cc 04Pharma/ cough & cold49 $/kg
28Milk Masala FT 35Milk Products47 $/kg
29Mix fruit 02Confectionery9 $/kg
30MW 9708Toothpaste/ Powder52 $/kg
31MP 9708Toothpaste64 $/kg
32MSPM 97-10Toothpaste44 $/kg
33Minty- Pineapple 9722Chewing gum26 $/kg
34Minty- RaspberryChewing gum26 $/kg
35Orange –c 04Confectionery9 $/kg
36Orange 02 IIPharma/ Biscuit30 $/kg
37Orange B 06Ice Cream/ Pharma23 $/kg
38OrangeCarbonated Water42 $/kg
39Pan SupariSweet118 $/kg
40Pan Masala – KPan Masala438 $/kg
41Pan Masala – RPan Masala438 $/kg
42Pan Masala- SPan Masala432 $/kg
43Pan Masala- CDPan Masala430 $/kg
44Pine apple 97/6/28Sherbet11 $/kg
45Pineapple 97-628Any food product10 $/kg
46Pista 97 32Any food product11 $/kg
47Pista spl 02 32GAny food product20 $/kg
48Raspberry 97719Any food product9 $/kg
49Rose TRAny food product49 $/kg
50Rose 0873Sherbet24 $/kg
51Rose 9724 A 37Any food product18 $/kg
52Rose ERose Water26 $/kg
53Rice 08Rice Product69 $/kg
54Strawberry 4019Any food product9 $/kg
55Saffron excellent 03 IMilk product185 $/kg
56Saffron excellent 03 IIMilk product124 $/kg
57Saffron 08Ice cream/ Sherbet59 $/kg
58Tea Masala Cl 97Any food product41 $/kg
59Tea Masala Cd 97Any food product36 $/kg
60Vanilla 19 I 40Ice Cream10 $/kg
61Vanilla 19 II 40Ice Cream10 $/kg
62Vanilla 08/1237Bakery106 $/kg
63Masala Hot CHPSpice Food100 $/kg
64Mint FreshChewing Gum125 $/kg


Supply Order will be accepted on written request/ E-mail of the party with clear postal address, telephone/ mobile information.
For small orders, (Less than container load) Supply will be made to party after prepaid payment.
For full container load, payment terms irrevocable & confirmed LC is acceptable.
For bulk orders, Minimum time for dispatch is 20-25 days/or up to availability of raw materials in store. Small orders will be dispatched within 3-7 working days after order is confirmed.
Freight and packaging charge will be extra as actual and / or material could also be sent on freight to pay basis.
Amount can also be credited online on following details and copy of the bank receipt may be forwarded by E-mail getting receipt of your credit.
Beneficiary NameRajlaxmi Essential Oils
Beneficiary Address2473, Siddheshwar Nagar, Maal bhag, Herle, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. 416005
Beneficiary Bank AddressHDFC Bank Shiroli, C S No 614/15, Ground floor, Shiroli, Kolhapur Maharashtra, 416122.
Beneficiary Account Number50200078331191
Bank Branch/Location Code (If applicable)
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